terms and condition


  • Office hours are from 10 am to 10 pm (Monday to Saturday)
  • Hahahotpot is served from Mondays to Sunday (Included Public Holidays)

Delivery Timing

  • Lunch – 12 Noon - 2pm
  • Dinner – 5pm - 9pm

Delivery Information

  • While Hahahotpot tries our best in ensuring punctuality; please understand as road conditions may severely affect our schedule. Recipients are advised to be readily available at pickup location within the delivery timing.
  • Ordering can be done through our website / or call us, at least 1 day in advance and subject to availability
  • Delivery hours: Lunch (12noon to 2.00pm), Dinner (5.00 pm to 9 pm).
  • We deliver from Monday to Sundays and Public Holidays.
  • Collection will normally be done the night itself or the following day. In the events of any public holiday or the eve of public holiday, bags will be collected the following or day or the day after due to high demand of deliveries.
  • To protect the interest of our customer, customer should take a picture of the all returning bags, stove, pot and other Hahahotpot belongings when it is being placed outside the premises.
  • Although we will clean the pots and stove that are return, it will be recommended to rinse off the pot and utensils before placing the items in the bags outside the door.
  • Customers will be liable for any lost property if there is no photo or any form of evidence to support customers claim that the bag has been place outside the premises.
  • Request for specific delivery time will not be available &/or accommodated.

Items Provided

  • $30 deposit will be required for our items that we provide (Pot, Stove, Metal Utensils and Extension Wire) The $30 deposit is to ensure that everything is in the same working condition when we send it to you. Deposit will be fordited if items are broken or spoil when you are using it.
  • For any lost of item / items that you do not return, a replacement fee of the following will be charge to you; Pot ($50), Stove ($85), Metal utensils ($7 each) and extension plug ($35).
  • As we are a msulim owned hotpot, you are not allowed to use our pot, uetnsils stove for non halal ingredients.
  • A minimum of 2 soup base will be required in order for you to rent our pot and stove

Self Collection

  • There will not be any option for self collection.

Cut off time

  • We recommend customers to place their orders at least 1 day in advance so that we can arrange our route. If you require urgent and last-min addition, please kindly call us.

Mode of payment

  • Hahahotpot accepts payment methods like PayNow, Credit Cards & Debit Cards, Grabpay, Alipay, Wechat Pay and also Cash on deliveries
  • Payment will be handle via third party payment mode, Hahahotpot doesn't store any credit card informations.

Cancellation Policy

  • You may inform us 1 day in advance via email, Whatsapp or phone call for any cancellation or reduction of food ordered. Any processing of refunds will be done on the next working day. Any last minute cancelation (1 day before order) there will be a 50% charge of total bill for cancellation fee.
  • Any refunds of dishes or orders will be process within 10working days.


For any damages of hahahotpot propeties, a replacement fee of the following will be charge to you; Pot ($50), Stove ($85), Metal utensils ($7 each) and extension plug ($35).

For any situation where our delivery bags are stain or damage due to irresponsible customers, ( throwing rubbish in the delivery bag or pouring soup in the delivery bag) a fee of $50 will be charge to the customer as a bag replacement fee.

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