Halal steamboat and hotpot singapore

HaHaHotpot is a pioneer when it comes to halal hopot in Singapore. We serve halal authentic hotpot dishes that originates from Sichuan, China. Indistinguishable to the tastes of acclaimed hotpot establishments, HaHaHotpot allows for a wider range of audience to try out this authentic hotpot experience, yet at the same time, maintaining the authenticity of the hotpot taste!

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HaHaHotpot, albeit a newly founded food enterprise, has been featured in numerous food blogs and websites, such as EatBook and #HaveHalalwillTravel and we are even featured on various singapore's radio station . This proves that we keep to our promise- to ensure not only a scrumptious meal, but an enjoyable hotpot experience for everyone to enjoy!

One Of Singapore's first muslim authentic hotpot


One Of Singapore's first muslim authentic hotpot

The hotpot market in Singapore is mosty limited to non-halal establishments. As such, with the initiation of HaHaHotpot, this provides the muslim community in Singapore to enjoy an authentic hotpot flavour, but at the same time retaining its halal certification. Additionally, HaHaHotpot is not limited only to the Muslim community, as people of other religions are welcomed to enjoy our hotpot experience!

Your Steamboat experince at hahahotpot

Take a look at some vidoes that was captured from our customers during time here at hahahotpot!

What makes hahahotpot diffrent from the rest?

Here at HaHaHotpot, our promise is to offer the highest quality ingredients to ensure that you’ll have a delectable meal. We aim to leave you with an unforgettable experience when you dine with us. Though our prices might be slightly steeper as compared to other restaurants, we guarantee that your meal and the overall experience will definitely be worth it! Remember that Good things doesn't come cheap and cheap things doesn't come good!

Planing to bring your love one out?

Our newly-opened outlet at D’Arena allows for ample opportunity for small gatherings such as birthday parties. When you are planning to surprise your loved ones at our restaurant, do contact us in advance so that we are able to provide you with the necessary help needed to ensure a smooth occasion!

quality ingredients use

HaHaHotpot has partnered with the best suppliers around town to ensure that all the ingredients catered to our customers are of exceptional quality. This is meet our goal, which is to ensure not only a delicious, but a quality meal as well. Whenever you decide to eat with us, fret not, you will always be delivered with an excellent experience that would be unforgettable! We would love to give the halal society a try of quality hotpot rather than the typical Steamboat and hotpot that they are used to!

Dishes That are serve to you


Here are some of the ingredients and soup that you will be served at our restaurant! From our imported austrian lamb roll and US Beef slices, You will surely leave the restaurant with a smile on your face! From over 5 soups to choose from, we promise that we will please everone from those spice lover to those who are vegatrian!

A warm and welcoming enviroment for you to dine in

What do we serve?

HaHaHotpot serves an array of different finest ingredients- from fresh seafood to high quality beef such as Austrian MB5 Wagyu Beef to our American Signature beef! We will guarantee that there is something for everyone to enjoy at the dinner table. Despite our wide assortments, we still ensure that every single plate that you order is of exceptional quality! When you dine with us, expect nothing but a sensational experience!


How do i eat hotpot?

There are various methods in which one can enjoy a hotpot meal. The most conventional way would be to dip your ingredient of choice into the aromatic soup broths. After cooking the different ingredients, dip it in our signature dipping sauce and simply enjoy your treat! Remember, not too overcook your meats! All meat are recommended to cook for only 10-15 seconds only or it will be overcook!

Where Are We Located At?

Darena @ Jurong West

We are located at 511, Block B Upper Jurong Rd, #01-09/10, singapore  638366. It's a 5 mins walk from JooKoon MRT Station or you a 1 bustop away from JooKoon Mrt station. Located directly infront of Safti Military Institude! There are many parking lots avaliable infornt of the restaurant for those who are riding or driving. For those who are taking public transport, The following are the nearest MRT station or Buses to us!

Nearest MRT: Joo Koon (EW29)

Bus Number : 99 , 192, 974

9 Jalan Pisang

We are also located at 9 Jln Pisang, Singapore 199076 . It's a 6 mins walk from Bugis MRT Station. Located directly beside Singapore's famous nasi Padang shop, hjmaimunah , ! There are a handful of parking lots available infornt of the restaurant for those who are riding or driving. For those who are taking public transport, The following are the nearest MRT station or Buses to us!

Nearest MRT: Bugis (EW12/DT14)

Bus Number : 2 , 133, 12, 33

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