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About HaHaHotpot

HaHaHotpot specialises in hotpot deliveries. We started with a simple mission in mind: to make eating hotpot a convenience for all, at the comfort of your own homes. We are a muslim-owned business that caters an authentic Sichuan hotpot experience. We started our business during the middle of the pandemic since we realise how burdensome it can be to enjoy a hotpot meal outside together with your loved ones. As such, we started our business which delivers the hotpot meal to your own homes to ensure that everyone could still enjoy the hotpot experience. Our aim is to make the hotpot experience seamless for our customers by putting together all the necessary preparations, from start to finish. Here at HaHaHotpot, we take pride both in our quality of food and overall customer experience. We strive to provide the highest quality ingredients, yet at the same time, deliver exemplary customer service so that all our customers will be satisfied with their hotpot experience, without having to leave their own homes.

The founders of HaHaHotpot started the business as they found a gap in the hotpot market in Singapore. Most hotpot restaurants in Singapore are not halal-certified, causing the muslim population not being able to experience the authentic hotpot experience. As such, they founded HaHaHotpot to enable more Singaporeans, particularly the muslim community to experience for themselves this authentic hotpot experience. Asides that, HaHaHotpot urges even the non-muslims to try out this authentic hotpot experience, as we promise that the overall experience will be impeccable!


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What makes HaHaHotpot different?

What makes us unique, as compared to other hotpot offerings, is our strive to provide exemplary customer service. Here at HaHaHotpot, we aim to provide our customers an all inclusive hotpot experience, without having to leave their own homes, from start to finish. We wanted to ensure that our customers not only get to enjoy their food, but get to experience an admirable service when ordering with us. When a customer orders with us,one of our friendly and helpful delivery men will set-up the hotpot for them, and after enjoying the meal, the same person will return to settle the clean-up. Apart from that, our customers would not even need to prepare the necessary ingredients and utensils for the hotpot as we will settle everything for them. Better yet, after our customers are done with their meal, they will not need to wash up the necessary pots and utensils as we will clean up for them. From start to finish, our objective is to ensure our customers feel gruntled with not only their food, but the whole experience as well.


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