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Mothers day Special

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Indulge in an extraordinary dining experience at HahaHotpot, where we proudly offer halal hotpot crafted with premium ingredients and served with the utmost dedication to customer satisfaction. However, this Mother's Day, we're adding an extra touch of delight to your celebration. Join us for an unforgettable feast where you and your loved ones can relish unlimited servings of our exquisite hotpot for just $49.90. It's a special occasion meant for cherishing moments with family and friends, all while savoring the finest flavors and impeccable service. Treat your mom to an unforgettable culinary journey at HahaHotpot this Mother's Day.

Halal Hotpot experience

The founders of HaHaHotpot started the business as they found a gap in the halal hotpot market. Most hotpot restaurants are usually non-halal, with most restaurants offering soup broths made from pork broth. On top of that, most of the ingredients offered are usually non-halal, such as pork shabu-shabu. As such, this cause the muslim community not being able to experience for themselves the authentic sichuan hotpot experience. Therefore, we have made certain modifications to the menu, which allows for the muslim community to try out the hotpot experience as well. For instance, we have substituted pork bone broth with chicken and beef broth, which is equally as delicious. We have also replaced pork shabu shabu with beef or mutton shabu. Hahahotpot is a muslim owned business and all our ingredients are 100 % halal-certified, from our soup broth to our meat and seafood. By creating a platform that is halal-certified and muslim-owned, we hope that more audience,namely the muslim community, are able to experience this authentic sichuan hotpot experience.

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HaHaHotpot Online Delivery Packages

Hassle Free HotPot Experience

One of the key benefits our customers will get to enjoy when they order with HaHaHotpot is that they get to enjoy the convenience of having a hotpot meal, without having to leave their own homes. As such, they get to enjoy an authentic hotpot restaurant experience, but at the comfort of their own homes. Apart from that, the whole experience will be hassle-free, which definitely adds to the convenience when ordering with HaHaHotpot. We promise that when a customer orders with us, they will feel as though they are enjoying the hotpot experience at an actual restaurant itself!


Reusable Eco-Friendly packaging

We, as individuals have a crucial role in reducing the impact on environment degradation. As such, hahahotpot uses eco-friendly alternatives, such as by using reusable packagings that are preferred to traditional packaging materials.


Free Delivery

Enjoy a free island-wide delivery with a minimum spending of $219.90!


Stove and pot Included

Do not worry if you do not have a hotpot stove at home as we will provide everything for you! Both the stove and the cooker is included with every order made! However, do take note that a $30 refundable deposit is required in case of any damages made to the stove itself.

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Hassle-Free Hotpot Experience

If you’re craving for a delectable hotpot experience at home but might find it troublesome to set it up, hahahotpot will save you the trouble! We will help you prepare the necessary ingredients, set-up the table as well as clear the trash for you to ensure that you have a hassle-free hotpot experience to enjoy at home!



A Hassle Free Hotpot Experience

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Hahahotpot specialises in hotpot delivery services in Singapore . What makes us unique is that we understand your needs and problems while eating hotpot. Most of us find eating hotpot a hassle as it is time-consuming and requires lots of preparation. Hahahotpot solves these issues for you to ensure that you get to enjoy a seamless hotpot experience


where do i begin?

Firstly, head over to our menu page to place your orders. Once the orders have been placed, everything else will be hassle-free for you! We will schedule the delivery and will even set-up the hotpot for you to enjoy. Everything that is needed for the hotpot experience will be provided by us. This includes the stove, pot, utensils and even trash bags. Once you are done with the meal, simply drain out the soup and put the leftover containers inside the trash bag provided and place everything inside the delivery bag. Once everything is done, leave the bag outside and our delivery man will come and pick up the bag. The timing of collection will usually be after 10.30pm, which leaves you with ample time to enjoy the hotpot together with your loved ones. From start to finish, we promise that the whole hotpot experience will be convenient and hassle-free!


Ordering HaHahotpot


Step 1 - Ordering

Head over to our order page to place your orders.The page will provide you with a variety of options, which includes both packages and a la carte menu. Our packages range from as low as $39.90 for 3 pax to $129.90 which can feed up to 8 pax. Simply choose your preferred option and proceed to checkout.


Step 2 - Checkout

When you’ve reached our checkout section, simply input your preferred delivery date and time and proceed for payment. We offer a variety of payment options, ranging from cash on delivery to contactless payment such as paynow,grabpay,alipay,wechat pay as well as credit card payment. After making the payment, a confirmation email will be sent to your email and all you have to do is wait for the order to arrive.

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Step 3 - Arrival of hotpot

On the delivery day, our driver will arrive anytime in between the delivery timing that you have chosen, though subject to traffic conditions which may delay the arrival time. When the hotpot arrives, our delivery men will set-up the hotpot for you. We will be providing the pot, stove and the necessary utensils along with your ordered menu. On top of that, we will also be providing an extension plug in case the wall plug is far from the dining table. The delivery man will set-up everything for you, from start to finish and you simply have to sit down at the dining table and enjoy the hotpot. Asides that, the delivery man will also guide you on how to enjoy the hotpot and will be pointing out the ingredients that may not be so familiar to the locals.


Step 4 - Completion of meal

Upon completion of your meal, simply drain out the soup for us and pack the stove and utensils back into the black plastic bag given, then followed by putting it in the delivery box that will be provided. We will be providing trash bags for you to throw your used containers and leftovers. After doing the necessaries, simply place the delivery box outside of your house and our delivery man will come and collect afterwards.

They all our food

Here at hahahotpot, we receive a wide array of customers, some who are new to the hotpot experience and are amazed by the taste! Here are some reviews from our satisfied customers:

“We finally managed to find halal hotpot that allows us to enjoy it at the comfort of our own house.”
“The hotpot experience is so convenient and seamless. They deliver right to my doorstep and set everything up for me. I’m really impressed with hahahotpot’s service!”
“The mala soup base, in particular is very delicious”
“There’s a wide variety of soup broth to choose from. Hence, I wasn’t limited to choosing a particular broth, which allows me to try various broths, some of which I’ve never experienced and surprisingly liked!”

Corporate hotpot delivery

Hahahotpot also caters to companies, businesses or association for them to have hotpot at their own convenience. Corporate rates are also available.

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